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The new era of the online examinations is soon going to replace the old paper and pen system and it is going to become the need of the future generation. An online assessment system software is generally considered an effective medium just to make these online exams more reachable, scalable and secured.

Every year a university gets thousands of applications of candidates for any degree entrance examination. They have to face the a regular panic in managing the regular logistics and financial showcase and even the conduct of offline pen and paper exams are the costly affairs.

An overall online assessment software gives the following facilities to the university -

  • More flexibility

  • more security and reliability

  • there is no leakage of the test papers before the conductance of exams

  • results are generally instant and accurate

  • examinations can be conducted at any of the web center exams in the CCTV cameras

  • logistics cost is minimum

  • Defining the question paper is comparatively easy

The overall purpose of the universities behind conducting the online examinations is just to reduce the total turnover time. It increases the integrity of the university in terms of people and operations. In the future of the craze of the online exam software will be on its top.

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