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What is the erp software recommendations for the dairyco software ?

Dairyco is a major dairy producer in Victoria, Australia, which is also dealing in exporting dairy based products. It had also acquired the number of factories, and about 3000 farmers contributed in the company as stakeholders. The company annual turnover is 3 billion AUD.

Why was ERP software was implemented into the dairyco ?

There were many reasons which were responsible for the erp implementation of ERP software, related to the presence of 120 legacy systems. There were also the integration problems in the business units of finance, distribution and manufacturing operations. So in 2001, the senior management decided to restructure the IT system of the company.

first of all, the proposal was passed by the senior management and the version SAP ECC 4.6 was chosen for the implementation. In the project management team, SAP developers and managers were appointed and some internal consultants were also included from the dairyco team.

How was ERP software implemented in the into the dairyco ?

In first phase of implementation, SAP software was selected for the two departments - finance and material management. Later on the sales, production, warehouse and HR were also included in the implementation of the project.

The training session was initialized by the MD of the team who controlled CFO and other team members for the implementation and feedback properly. The overall cost of production was measured as 12 million AUD.

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