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What is the need of online exam software in an Indian university ?

The term online exam software is referred to that software entity which is used to conduct the online examinations. Today it is the era of online technology and it has changed the way of living of humans from the coming traditional time period. It has also changed the way of conducting the online tests and examinations.

WIth the development of advanced technology, the craze of the online examination software and system is being increased. Today there are two types of software oriented examinations tools - online and offline. In additional, there are additional desktop oriented software used to conduct the online examinations.

The popularity of online software in academic institutes are being increased in since two decades.

The ideal qualities of the online exam software -

  • An ideal online based exam software shows the basic content of the details like - questions, score, passing marks and time limit.

  • There are preset accounts and password facilities provided for protecting the complete database information. User protected information will not shared with the unauthorised user.

  • There are examination availability service only present in the software unless and until the valid time is available. After that the validity of the interface will be vanished itself.

  • In an ideal online test/examination software, there should be group options to handle the online tests and multiple quantity of students.

  • In an ideal online examination software, there should be additional facility to enter the multiple bulk questions and also have the ability to prepare the online reporting facility.

The popularity of online examination oriented software is increasing day by day. These software are also helpful in conducting the questions banks with their adjacent answer reports. Once this task is completed, the exam conducting date and time will be easily prepared.

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