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What is the role of the elearning in Indian Education System ?

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Education is very necessary for a person from the childhood age in this knowledge economy. In initial days the classroom and blackboard facilities were there by which a person could learn in the classroom environment but this created boredom in the students towards learning. E -Learning has created such an environment by which students can learn any topic without leading to boredom.

There is a lot of difference the classroom teaching and online learning. The vast difference is pertaining this fact that classroom teaching, there are teachers and peers, who are there to make accountable to student towards learning and in a online learning environment, a student learns via his own effort. For help there are many tutorials and discussion forum support facilities are always there.

Today E-learning systems are made using the best CMS platforms in which a user can add, modify and delete the data at any instance. Elearning tools today have the great ability to create reports and progress data and they also store the course content and prescribed material into the textual with graphical and image format. Thus a good E-learning management system (LMS) is a good example of the database and CMS technology.

E-learning is making better to learning day by day because universities and professors are getting available in your laptops and computers. In Indian metro cities this technoculture is at its peak but in small villages, towns and tier 2 and 3 cities it is still difficult to bring the elearning environment. Many online courses are related to the different subjects which can be accessed by the students.

In a country like India, where there are still the limites seats in the universities and these universities are in low quantity. E-learning has added many new dimensions by making it more accessible to the students. In initial days, quality education was available on the high cost, but with the advent of the E-Learning courses, quality education is accessible by all and for all. Many distant courses are available which makes it easy to get education by the desired students at no cost.

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